About Us.

CrREIV Foundation is a dedicated nonprofit organization committed to supporting and empowering victims of domestic abuse and those who have been exposed to emotional, psychological, and mental abuse. Our primary focus is on women and children who have suffered from these harrowing experiences, and as a result, have developed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) symptoms.

At the core of our work is the belief in the power of healing and transformation.

Our recovery programs are designed to address the unique needs of each individual, incorporating evidence-based therapies and practices to help victims regain their self-confidence, establish healthy relationships, and rediscover their sense of self. Through our workshops, support groups, and educational initiatives, we empower survivors to develop the skills and tools necessary to break the cycle of abuse and lead fulfilling lives.

Where It Started.

Established in 2023, CrREIV Foundation was founded by Vita Kramarenko on the belief that everyone deserves to live a life free from fear and abuse. We strive to provide a safe, nurturing environment where healing and growth can flourish. Our mission is to impact many lives in many possible ways. We work closely with other community organizations and professionals to ensure that our clients receive the best possible care and support on their journey to healing.

CrREIV Foundation also advocates for policy changes and increased public awareness on the issues surrounding domestic and emotional abuse, striving to break the stigma and create lasting social change. By partnering with other organizations and engaging communities, we amplify our message and maximize our impact in the fight against abuse.